We develop the musical skills of each and every child.  We enthuse and challenge our young students with a rich and well developed curriculum.  We offer them opportunities to communicate effectively through performance and composition.  We offer opportunities to develop their confidence and self-esteem through all aspect of music.

Our aims are:

  • To enjoy all aspects of music
  • To motivate our students to achieve their full potential
  • To develop confidence in our students through successful performance or achievement in composition
  • To develop their own sense of music within their lives.


Key Stage 3

  • Rhythm & Pitch (Composition and Performance)
  • Vocal Ensemble (Christmas Concert Performance)
  • Instruments of the Orchestra (Appraisal)
  • Music for Adverts (Composition)
  • Calypso & Ukulele (Performance)
  • World Music (Appraisal)
  • Folk Music (Performance)
  • Rap (Composition & Performance)
  • Garage Band (Music Technology)
  • Blues (Performance)
  • Music for Film (Appraisal & Composition)


All students are assessed on entry to the school.  This is formed by an assessment of the performance ability and key musical knowledge of each student.  Some students have had prior learning in a musical instrument and this will form an expectation of a higher degree of ability in the early Key Stages.  This Value Added ability will form the basis of an assessment which will be adapted throughout their musical experience.  The teacher will allow all students opportunities whenever possible to exhibit their skills.

Key Stage 3

Individual targets are formed and developed through the first three modules.  Students will complete 6 assessments each year.  These 12 modules are balanced throughout the whole of KS3 to deliver assessment of performance, composition and appraisal in all elements of music and musical genres.  Student work is assessed both paired and individually.  Assessment is completed in class time and balanced with homework.  All assessment will be given a further target for achievement and transferred to their music progress log, which is kept in their class folder.