Our timetable runs on a two week cycle with five one-hour lessons each day.
Key Stage 4 Core subjects, lessons and qualifications

The English Baccalaureate (Ebacc)

This is a performance measure – not a qualification - which is awarded when students secure a grade C/5 or above at GCSE level in a core of five academic subjects - English, Mathematics, Science, one language, history or geography.

We believe that each student should follow the pathway, which will engage, challenge and reward him and so the Ebacc may be suitable for the student, or another pathway would be allow greater and more appropriate success. 

Progress 8 and Attainment 8

Attainment 8 measures the achievement of a pupil across 8 qualifications including mathematics (double weighted) and English (double weighted), 3 further qualifications that count in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) measure and 3 further qualifications that can be GCSE qualifications (including EBacc subjects) or technical awards from the DfE approved list.

Progress 8 shows the progress a student makes from the end of primary school to the end of secondary school and it means that students’ results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils with the same starting point (called ‘prior attainment’). How this is worked out is by comparing their achievement (the attainment 8 score) with the average score of other students who has a similar starting point. The higher the Progress 8 score, the more progress he has made compared to other students with similar starting point. 

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