St Boniface’s College Development priorities

As is undoubtedly the case in all schools and Colleges, academic standards are of paramount importance and this remains the case for St. Boniface’s. An interesting shift has however taken place within the education world looking at levels of progress as an improved indicator for academic performance compared to the rather one size fits all measurement of A* to C at GCSE. Secondary schools now expect to make a minimum of 3 levels of progress over a 5 year period, an example would be someone who comes to us in year 7 with a level 5 in Maths from the primary school. We would expect that student to achieve at least 3 levels of progress with us by the end of year 11, 5 plus 3 makes 8 which would equate to a grade B at GCSE. We also measure 4 levels of progress and encourage pupils to aspire to these higher levels of attainment. For each year group we have 6 weekly progress checks with Heads of Year and curriculum leaders to ensure that suitable academic progress is occurring and to highlight areas where interventions may be needed.

Other key priorities include:

  • Improving teaching and learning 
  • Using data smartly 
  • Using Personalised Learning Charts to target Year 11 interventions 
  • Improving outcomes in subjects at GCSE so that they match the educational standards demonstrated by history, geography and PE 
  • Improving outcomes for Pupil Premium Students and DSEN students
  • Improving students’ approach to learning

We are in the process of looking at a progressive programme aimed at tracking developments available to pupils in their own personal faith journey from the time they begin year 7 to leaving us.

I hope this gives you some flavour of what is happening here at the College.

Mr Frank Ashcroft
Head Teacher
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