Our chaplaincy team is made up of a core team of Fathers Jonathan Bielawski and Jacek Kostuch, lay chaplain, Miss Fiona Hutchings and assistant lay chaplain Miss Tracy Chapman. This core team is supported by all members of staff and the many students who take part in activities.

The core team is there to promote the Catholic ethos of the college through word, worship, witness, welcome and welfare. The lay chaplain, who is part time and the assistant chaplain, who is full time, are based in the chapel area and are available to provide pastoral support. 
We encourage students and staff to drop in for an informal chat. We can provide a listening ear and support in troubled times. Our parish priests also provide regular sacramental and pastoral support. They visit our classes and are a frequent presence in the school.

At St.Boniface's we celebrate the liturgical year through planned services and celebrations which focus on the key feasts and events of the year. Parents are welcome to join us for those events such as the Carol Service or Easter Reflections which take place in the parish church. 

The core team works with an extended team of teachers and support staff to provide other experiences for students which will support their spiritual development. Every year group has an annual retreat day organised by the RE team. Year 7 students all take part in a residential retreat at Buckfast Abbey.

In addition students prepare and take part in assemblies on a regular basis encouraging them to reflect deeply and in a prayerful way on the issues they face in today's world.

The chapel is open every school day and everyone is welcome to visit at any time to have a moment of quiet reflection or to speak with one of the chaplains. You will always receive a welcome. We are here to serve.

Fiona Hutchings and Tracy Chapman 
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