The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD) is the Catholic aid agency for England and Wales. It is an international aid agency working to alleviate poverty and suffering in developing countries. It is funded by the Catholic community in England and Wales, the British Government and the general public by donations. CAFOD is a Caritas partner.

St Boniface's remains committed to raising awareness and funds to help those in desperate need around the world. 

The CAFOD website includes a range of useful resources to challenge and inspire our students to take action for global justice.

To keep up to date with all CAFOD news, follow them on twitter: @CAFODSchools


Youth Leaders Program

You are the fantastic people inspiring and enabling young people to make a difference to global justice. CAFOD are here to support you with fresh resources an ideas. Speak to Miss Chapman in the Chapel, or Mrs Kendall in the RE Department. We're looking for bloggers, vloggers, photographers and more...!

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