150th Anniversary

150th Anniversary Celebrations

The College is celebrating its 150th anniversary. This page includes a range of events and opportunities for current and past students and staff. Read on for more information:



1856 - Dr Errington (first Bishop of Plymouth) opens a school for "young Catholic gentlemen" in Wyndham Square, Plymouth
1857 - Bishop Vaughan becomes Patron of the school
1863 - the school is named "St Boniface Boys' Catholic School" and relocated to Melbourne Street with Mr Clarke as Headmaster - boarders and day boys attended
1883 - Mr Clarke resigned his post; the Basilian Fathers bought over the property at Beaconfield, Plymouth
1883 - a small 'day school' called "Catholic Institute" was opened in Grosvenor Street for boys who couldn't travel to Beaconfield; Mr Clarke resumed the Headship
1899 - the Basilian Fathers closed the school
1900 - the Diocese purchased the school and resumed teaching using clergy under the headmastership of Provost Burns
1911 - the Presentation Brothers took over the school at Wyndham Square for the next twenty years
1931 - Bishop Barrett reopened the school at Beaconfield
1941 - the College was evacuated to Buckfast Abbey for the duration of WWII; the Admiralty took over the school buildings for strategic ops
1946 - the College became one of 179 "direct grant schools" where education for day pupils was paid for by the local authority
1970 - the number of students at this time increased to 450 boys
1976 - direct grant funding was withdrawn across the UK- and the College had the choice to become a fully independent or Voluntary-Aided comprehensive school
1981 - St Boniface's and Bishop Vaughan Catholic School were amalgamated into a Voluntary-Aided boys’ Comprehensive school at Crownhill
1992 - the College became 'grant maintained'
1999 - the College reverted to Voluntary-Aided status
2008 - the College was renamed and readdressed as "St Boniface's Catholic College" at 21 Boniface Lane, Manadon Park, Plymouth
2013 - the College marks its 150th anniversary with events planned across 2013 and 2014

Today the College is a five-form entry college of 800+ students between the ages of 11 to 18, taught by a full-time staff of 50. It is colloquially known as "Bonnies" or abbreviated as SBCC.


Events for Current Students/Staff

  • Whole School Photo - October 2013 - the whole school photo marked our anniversary with over 900 people in the photo
  • 150 Aerial Photograph - November 2013 - taken by Mr Kevin Waite using a quadcopter!
  • Limited Edition "150" school tie - available from Trutex for £9
  • Old Boy Presentations - March 2014 - delivered to students in KS3 to educate them about the differences and similarities of schooling in the past
  • Awards Evening for KS4 - May 6, 2014 St Peter's Catholic Church
  • Celebration Day - July 14, 2014 - includes various trips including Thorpe Park, Seale Hayne and Dartmoor
  • Year 11 Leavers' Day - Woodlands
  • Year 13 Leavers' Day - Alton Towers
  • Time Capsule - October 2014 - a joint project between the history and computer science departments - contact Mr Paul Scott
  • more to follow...

Press Coverage

Plymouth Herald - April 11, 2014 - "Celebrating 150 years of St Boniface's catholic college" by Patrick Daly
Plymouth Herald - April 11, 2014 - "Former pupil who is now a teacher" by Patrick Daly
Plymouth Herald - April 11, 2014 - "Monsignor remembers life at the school during the '50s and '60s" by Patrick Daly

Keep Informed

Twitter - @stbonifaces

If you would like to be involved with any of the above events, please contact Mr Paul Scott via the College or email pscott@stbonifaces.com - similarly, if you have any photos, stories or news to contribute, please contact us.

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